FUDTA Adds Third FLEX Day at Irvington


Students will continue to use the FlexTime app to signup for Flex days next year.

On Apr. 12, the Fremont Unified District Teachers Association (FUDTA) released the ballot results of a survey regarding changes to the 2020-2021 school year’s bell schedule, minimum days, FLEX days, etc. The results included a narrow decision to convert Irvington advisories on Tuesday to FLEX days. 

Of the 81 ballots submitted before the Apr. 10 deadline, 55% voted for one regular advisory period to be changed to a FLEX day and 57% voted for it to be Tuesday. This makes a total of three FLEX days per week. The Tuesday school days, however, will not be changed to a Block Day and the FLEX period is essentially the same length as a regular advisory but with movement.

The FUDTA Site Liaison Committee had been discussing a third FLEX day for at least a year. According to Mrs. Allyson McAuley, “all teachers had also discussed options for FLEX at our last in-person staff meeting before the shelter in place.” Several insights were brought up in those discussions. Teachers having trouble with the current pink pass system or saw FLEX days as extra time to assist students in make-up work were in support of a third FLEX day. On the other hand, teachers were also concerned that a third FLEX day would mean absolutely no movement during Monday or Friday advisories, even with pink passes. The short Tuesday FLEX also may not be enough time to be as productive. 

The ballot results also included extending passing period from 5 to 6 minutes as well as starting all minimum days at 9:00 AM. The 9:00 AM decision was also fairly close, with 62% voting in favor of the later start time. The main reason was to help students rest and be healthy during Finals days, although this means lunch will start later and may be detrimental to students who rely on school lunches.