An Ideal Gift for Valentine’s Day


Arielle Danos

You could use a cute pun to accentuate your beloved’s favorite treat on Valentine’s next year!

Shivangi Gupta, Staff Writer

February 14th. To some people, this date suggests a holiday meant to be spent with your significant other. To others, it’s emblematic of a money making scheme by companies that pray on love and intimacy. For me, it’s another opportunity to grab a bucket of ice cream and put on a romcom as I dream of what could be. 

You’d be surprised to hear that Americans spend about 14.1 billion dollars annually on Valentine’s day, with each consumer averaging $196.31 per gift, and it’s actually been increasing steadily in the past decade. Valentine’s Day is as much an opportunity for money-making as it is for spending time with loved ones.  

While store-bought presents might contain more substance or be more flashy and elaborate, buying a fitting gift is often difficult since it requires a lot of thought or pre-planning. In addition, some companies charge unreasonable prices for the occasion, seeing the holiday as another chance to line their pockets. Luckily for us, there’s a straightforward alternative that’s both cheap and effective. It’s often more accessible and cheap to give someone a homemade present, such as a decorated card or baking a cake for your significant other, which can be more convenient and seem more heartfelt than a purchased bouquet of flowers. A DIY present may be less in tangible value, but it reminds people of you in a positive way. 

All in all, it’s often pressuring to find the perfect Valentine’s gift for someone special in your life in a typical store. If you find yourself spending hours brainstorming an ideal gift, just remember that something meaningful and from-the-heart is the best way to go. So the next time you think about buying teddy bears, roses, or chocolates for your beloved, consider other inexpensive ways to show your love and appreciation for them!