Borat 2: Very Nice!


Borat 2 is one of the most humorous comedies ever made, a fine sequel to Borat, which was released in 2006, and an accurate commentary that deals a scathing blow to the nation’s political and racial inequality. Released on Oct. 23, on Amazon Prime Video, the film was directed by Jason Woliner and produced by Sacha Baron Cohen. The cast consists of legendary actor Sacha Baron Cohen, who has gone to great lengths to perform his roles in movies such as in Borat 1, where he spent years adapting to the character prior to the film’s release. Known for satirical comedies, Cohen has starred in The Dictator, a similar film that highlights his commentary on topics like dictatorship and racism. Maria Balaklova, a debutante actress, plays Borat’s daughter and is able to excel in her comedic delivery and acting talent.

The 96-minute film features Borat, a Kazakh journalist who often gets into silly situations because of his poor knowledge of American culture, returning to America in continuation of his last film. Here he travels with his daughter hoping to meet the vice president, Mikhail Pence, and present him with a gift so that Kazakhstan, his mother country, can be seen as honorific again, having undergone international embarrassment in the first film. Borat and his daughter encounter various mishaps along the way such as facing old stereotypes of racism, colliding with political activists, and learning about the pandemic.

With a strong cast, incredible writing, and an overall deep message, Borat 2 proves itself to be a worthwhile watch. With beautiful acting, a detailed script, and excellent comedic delivery, it truly is more than just a good movie. A favorite moment of the film was when Borat, inquisitive in nature, kisses random people on the streets, unaware of the consequences his actions would have. In traditional comedies, jokes are scripted, but an impressive fact about this film is that many of the interactions between characters were impromptu and genuine. Over the duration of the movie, Borat walks around with a hidden camera and films real-life interactions with people, thus contributing to the realness of the acting.

The film’s message is real, brutal, and simple: America remains deeply divided politically and socially. Showing how brief arguments can quickly become personal attacks such as scenes in which people racially discriminate against a foreigner for just speaking his own language in a hotel, the movie successfully portrays the climate of polarization prevalent today. Not only incredibly contemporary, given its release near election week, the movie successfully combines humorous scenes with high-quality editing and film production. However, because of several obscene scenes, inappropriate jokes, and occasional profanity, it is not recommended to watch with family. Although this film was rated 8.6/10 by Rotten Tomatoes, I would give this film 9/10 stars.