Sudden Change to Course Selection and Graduation Requirements


Breaking news! As course selection times come to an end, amidst the fight for AP courses, FUSD has announced a new policy regarding courses for high schoolers in the district. These policies were discussed briefly and are effective immediately. 

From next year onwards, all AP and honors courses will be removed from high schools. Furthermore, all high schoolers are now required to have 4 years of Physical Education and a minimum BUUM time of 6 minutes to graduate high school. Specifically in Irvington High School, all students will also be required to have 40 credits of Health in order to graduate. Moreover, students caught self studying AP’s and taking the test in outside institutions will be expelled from the school district.

In the recent FUSD board meeting, it was decided that more proactive measures would be taken to improve students’ mental health. The only solution was to remove all levels of challenge to aid the student.

We interviewed Vi King (12) and Joe Mama (9), two students of Irvington High school, on their thoughts regarding the newly enforced policies.

“As someone who is graduating this year, hopefully, I was forced into taking P.E. twice and Health for my other four classes in order just to meet the graduation requirement,” said King. “I honestly don’t really like these new changes but I guess we’ll just have to go with them. It’s only one more year,I guess, but I don’t really know how I’ll be able to handle two P.E. classes in a day though.”

King also hopes for his P.E. classes to be back-to-back, since that way he won’t have to change into his P.E. clothes twice in one day. 

“Oh what, there’s a new policy?” said Mama. The withdrawal from his AP classes had caused Mama to go into a state of panic, distress, and memory loss. Mama was also caught mentioning to his “home bois” that he and his family are considering moving to a new county, and even potentially a new state. According to our reliable third party sources, that were approved in the latest WIP source check, Mama had stated that he was planning to take 12 AP’s and that “no one could stop him”. Many of the student participants shared negative opinions on these new policies and changes. We also noticed the lack of joy in the students’ eyes as we gauged their opinions. Additionally, most students just seemed to accept these changes with a bitter taste to them, almost like they were used to dealing with these types of rapid changes before.

Faculty members have also faced and are coping with the many changes to courses. Mr. Moose, a counselor, has noted that there have been many requests from students. “It certainly has been rough dealing with over 2,000 students emailing me about them wanting to change their courses to meet the new requirements. We may also have to hold students back if they do not meet all the new requirements.”

Now, with AP Classes being removed and schedule requirements being changed, many students find themselves in a state of panic and stress, higher than before. “This was quite the opposite reaction that we had hoped for,” said counselor Moose. “We thought by having only health and PE as classes, students would feel less stressed. Turns out we were wrong, again.”

Teachers are also facing the consequences of the new changes, with PE and Health teachers being hired left right and center, while math and science teachers being “indefinitely benched”, as if Irvington was a game of fantasy football.