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Im a hooman.


Banana Banand, hooman April 3, 2022

Hello, my fellow earthlings. I am El Zorg, a “human” who is currently 0.01232 Delphini years old. I love flying in my spaceship, conquering new lands, and exploiting resources for my personal benefit. The...

One of the school’s many masterpieces depicting the philosophical journey of Irvington students.

swipe Right on Irvington’s green Flags

Ayir Ayir, Harvard 26' April 1, 2022

What makes Irvington the perfect school for its 2400+ students? Is it the charmingly quaint classrooms with chipped paint and dysfunctional seating arrangements? Is it the melodic fire alarms that seem...

An aerial view of Fremont, California; this is the happiest city in the US? Really?

IHS Void Investigates Misleading Survey Claiming Fremont as Happiest City in America

Glitter Glue, Sticker April 1, 2022

Fremont, California was recently named WalletHub’s “happiest city in the United States'' for the second year in a row, shocking most residents of Fremont, California. The IHS Voice initially set out...

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