The ITA Experience: Achintya Rai


Ojas Vatsyayan

Achintya Rai of the ITA Family.

“Hi, my name’s Achintya Rai. I’m a 10th grader in ITA. I chose to go into ITA because I’ve always been interested in the computer science industry. I thought that ITA was a very useful cause for that as it provided me with knowledge about cyber security and more. I also thought ITA was very useful because it gave me technological experience and hands-on activities with knowledge about cyber security and other advanced technological concepts. I’ve had many good memories from the academy, but my favorite feeling has to do with the assignments in general. At the start of the year, there were assignments in which I didn’t really know what to do, but then there came an assignment where everything clicked. After this, I was able to do all future assignments, not limited to things like configuring IP addresses, and more. 

An academy, ITA affects Irvington in a major way because it gives information in one course that will be very important later on. It gives students the option to take it, and it does what school is meant to do, by giving them the abilities to be ready for future careers in computer science.  It also helps you get a basic understanding of all things computer-related. We learn a lot of new things, like right now, where we’re learning about configuring, or converting to ipv4/ipv6 addresses, and more. The lessons are hands-on and interactive, and they are a very fun experience. They are unique, and the activities I’ve done in this class are like nothing I’ve done before.

Because of this, I think all Irvington students interested in mechanics and computer science should take the class. It’s really useful, and you get college credits as well. Mr. Albizo’s also a very chill teacher, which makes the class unique and fun. ITA consists of all of these things, with different technological aspects and hands-on experience. 

Currently, we’re writing a resume, and it shows that ITA isn’t just something for computer science, but for career readiness in general. Combined with all of the credits you can get for the class, it makes it a very valuable experience to take. Even if you have a minor, miniscule interest in computer science, take the class. It’s, once again, one of the most useful courses available in Irvington.”