Boys Volleyball First League Loss


Varsity boys’ volleyball fights to beat Moreau Cathothic High School

On the night of March 17, 2022, Irvington’s boys volleyball team, previously undefeated in league play, suffered their first league loss to Moreau Catholic High School. 

Varsity boys’ volleyball lost in 3 sets to Moreau Catholic School, but they didn’t go down without a fight. The boys lost the first set 15-25; second set 22-25; third set 21-25. During the entire game there were amazing kills by outside hitter Tristian Xu (11) and Brayden Louie (10) along with heart-stopping saves from libero Jeremy Ha (12)  and Jason Yuen (12). 

One reason for this loss was that the game lacked excitement and energy. Varsity boys head coach Edgar Colocho explains, “Our body language was not good tonight. There was no celebration when we were doing good. Our body language definitely has to change because it’s contagious with the rest of the players.” Colocho hopes to work with his players to improve spirits on and off the court, to add more energy and excitement to each game. He plans to increase bonding and focus on positive encouragement.  The boys hope to improve throughout the rest of the season, to bond and improve the overall energy of the team. 

Irvington played a superb game and fought for each point. They worked well as a team with each player bonding and connecting really well. Moreau Catholic throughout all three sets put up a really good defense and an extremely powerful offense. The boys played a tight game with each set. “We play some of the best defense in our league right now, but our offense is not as strong yet,” says Colocho, “during the game we played a really great defense, but we were not ready to attack their defense.”

Even with a rough game, the team plans to make a quick fix and continue to win the rest of the season. Rishab Shah (12), middle blocker on the team, describes, “As a team we did really well and we really held on the whole game even though it was 0-3. We have a really strong and well put together team. I believe we really have a chance of doing really well this year.” 

Furthermore,  Xu (11) explains “Moreau is definitely going to be one of our main competitors this season, but I  definitely think we will do better with the other teams. ” The team has a record of 4 wins and Moreau as their first loss. 

The Irvington boys volleyball team is still on the road to success. They have started the season strong and hope to finish it strong. They are a very diligent and hard working team that has the possibility of doing really well this season.  Xu says, “I’m really excited for the rest of this season.”