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5 Ways to Catch the Easter Bunny

Jennifer Siew

April 20, 2010

1. Go wabbit hunting. Then again, it didn’t work very well for Elmer Fudd. Nevermind. 2. Use Trix. Rabbits always be chasing that stuff. Silly rabbit, we told you Trix were for kids. 3. Get a big black hat. Stick your hand it and pull. Repeat until rabbit comes out. 4. Set up an IHOP. Wait until...

When It’s That Time of the Month…

Ramya Kaushik

February 21, 2010

When girls come to a certain age, they are inevitably welcomed by the becoming of womanhood. But throughout history, in order to prevent the other gender from realizing what time of month it is, women have developed their own secret codes. Here are some of the top ten names that I have heard. 1. Waterfall 2....

Irvington Journalists Play Dirty

By Anooj Desai

December 3, 2009

Journalists Release Pseudo-Stories and Wreak Havoc in Irvington Due to a sudden dry spell of interesting news, Irvington High School journalists have gone to great lengths to produce stories people want to read. The first of many attempts occurred last week in the courtyard, where two journalists dressed up ...

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