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An Open Letter to College

How I send I all my love letters. You want to know something else? I APPLIED TO OTHER COLLEGES TOO. (Common Application)
Vivian Hoang, Copy Editor February 7, 2018

Love Letter Dear University,   This isn’t the first letter I’ve written to you and it probably won’t be the last. Besides all the emails I’ve sent as excuses for you to notice me,...

As Roasted As Black Coffee

The admissions officers use happy hour to roast their favorite applications of the day while drinking coffee.
Pia Parekh, Staff Writer November 11, 2017

An undercover Irvington journalist recently received intel that college admission officers secretly mock subpar application essays during happy hour at a local cafe. In a follow-up investigation, the journalist...

Why College Admittance Rates are Dropping

Title : Top 5 States with Highest Percentage of International Students
California admitted 33% of all international applicants, putting greater stress on the underfunded UC System. New York and Texas saw the second and third highest enrollments of foreign students, respectively. Data gotten from Institute of Higher Education. LA Times Graphics
Radhika Munshani, News Editor April 15, 2017

As seniors receive their college acceptance letters and decide upon their future schools, many are surprised by the ever-decreasing rates of admittance to colleges. Though standards for test scores, GPAs,...

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