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Harry Potter and Eragon Are Useless

Eswar Dhinakaran

December 5, 2011

Why Fantasy Fiction Fails Humanity A look at’s best selling teen books list reveals a list of fantasy books. These novels include series like Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games, Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance,  Rick Riordan’s Son of Neptune and Stephanie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn. As h...

Dust is as Deadly as Fire

Eswar Dhinakaran

September 29, 2011

Dust Triggers A Fire Alarm On September 21, 2011, in a fire alarm went off during 3rd period. Many people were wondering what the cause was and whether there was actually a fire at school. After the fire truck came into the horseshoe near Valhalla, it seemed as if there truly was a fire. However a...

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