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SAT: Student Affluence Test Do we need the SAT for college admissions?

October 28, 2015

By Tanisha Singh | Staff Writer In 1933, Henry Chauncey started a scholarship program to look for academically excelling school boys. Eventually, this idea of an intelligent-based test to collect scholarships became the SAT. But times have changed. We are not actually evaluating a student’s ac...

GPA Shouldn’t Be Influenced By Physical Strength

September 16, 2014

Physical achievement should not be equated with scholastic aptitude By Shonushka Sawant | Web Editor Many of us are either fortunate or devoted enough to get an A in P.E. However, some are subject to health conditions that are severe enough to lower P.E. grades, but not critical enough to merit ...

Confessions of a Second Semester Senior

February 21, 2013

Yes, we have them By Sophia Chan No motivation. Whatsoever. I’ve earned the privilege of slacking off after working so hard on my rigorous courses for the past three years. But I completely regret that now due to my crap GPA. I actually have no idea what I’m doing with my college appli...

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