The Irvington Voice

Slick and Shine Hair Salon

April 1, 2014

Mr. Strout’s trendy hair salon BUUMing with business By Khushi Patel Located in the heart of the Fremont Hub, Mr. Strout’s stylish hair salon, Slick and Shine Hair Salon, is the hotspot for hair of all types, even nonexistent. Strout’s eclectic haircuts and styles attract a variety of customers every day, and every one of...

Sleep Habits of Irvington High School Students

February 27, 2014

PE teacher Mrs. McCallum discovers students lack sleep through school survey By Rashi Saxena In an effort to determine sleeping patterns of Irvington students, PE teacher Mrs. McCallum decided to conduct a survey, asking about 1010 students three questions. In conjunction with the Edjoycation ...

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