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Television Review: Mr. Robot hacks our hearts <3

Creator Sam Esmail has cited “Fight Club” as a main source of inspiration behind creating the show.

Radhika Munshani, News Editor

November 30, 2016

“Mr. Robot,” which just concluded its second season on USA Network, is a weekly hour-long drama that deals with the pressing issues and moral dilemmas that arise with modern advancement, from the point of view of group of dissident hackers. The series, which is the brainchild of creator Sam Esma...

Korean television network comes to observe American education system

Korean television network comes to observe American education system

November 18, 2014

By Caitlin Chen | Staff Writer We’ve all heard the various complaints about the deficiencies of the American education system: declining quality of schooling, inadequate environment, growing costs. Rarely, however, do people offer an alternative way of schooling. It seems that other countries have s...

Fall Television Premieres

Albert Chin

September 30, 2011

With the change of seasons comes plenty of new seasons What’s on the television? Well here’s a glimpse at a few shows that have premiered their new seasons recently: New Girl: New Girl premiered its first season ever on September 20th. New Girl is a sitcom featuring an attractive young woma...

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