Teacher Interviews: Mr. Mann

Q: What classes do you teach?

A: I teach biology and intermediate science at Irvington.

Q: Where were you before Irvington?

A: I was at Kennedy High School for four years as a library media teacher. I helped other teachers incorporate technology into their classes. I have been teaching for 21 years.

Q: What activities were you involved in when you were in High School?

A: I was into skateboarding, was on the school swimming and the water polo team. I was also a member of the California Scholarship Federation.

Q: What would be your dream concert to attend?

A: I would like to see Muse, and I regret not seeing Queen.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: I do open swimming competitions and just finished doing a 5K swim. I am currently training for 10K this year. One day, I would like to do the Tiberius        Ein Gev 10K swim in the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

Q: If you could be in a movie with someone, which movie would you be in?

A: I would have enjoyed being in Inglorious Bastards with Brad Pitt.

Q: If you were on a stranded island what single object would you bring?

A: I would probably bring my family and my dog because I love them dearly.

Q: What is your number one pet peeve?

A: I do not like when people lie to me in any way shape or form.

Q: Who is your idol and how did they influence you?

A: My father. He not only overcame many obstacles and succeeded in what he wanted, but he passed this trait onto me.

Q: What is one thing that you have always wanted to do?

A: I have always wanted to purchase land (not in California) and have a completely sustainable farm, so I can grow premium class wine grapes.

Q: If you were not a teacher what job would you have?

A: I would like to be a farmer/landowner and have students work on it for service learning.