You Know You Go to America’s “Greenest” School When…

You go to Irvington High School

  • One of your teacher’s has a car with the license plate “R3CYCL3” on it.
  • Your urinals don’t use water. Where does it all go…?
  • You see a giant solar panel in the middle of the grass. What exactly does it do…?
  • There’s beef between environmental club, green advisory, recycling club
  • Your teachers make excuses for not having enough handouts because they’re trying to be green. But you know they’re lying, you just don’t want to get sent to the RC for calling them out on it.
  • Your recycling bins are overflowing with homework and tests you don’t want to show your parents.
  • You have a giant dumpster for cardboard and even more recycling bins for the cardboard that doesn’t fit.
  • You see three Priuses parked right next to each other and they’re all painted green.
  • Your teachers print tests on Driver’s Ed ads.
  • Your recycling bins are big enough to fit freshmen.
  • You don’t know what “non-recyclable” means.