It’s Monumental, Yo

IBA Monument Festival 2010

    The Irvington Business Association, or IBA, held their annual Monument Festival on September 25, 2010.  The day-long festival involved local businesses and schools coming together in order to publicize, raise money, and bring the community together.  Irvington High School and Horner Junior High both worked on a dunk tank in order to raise some funds for their respective classes.  More notably, the Irvington class of 2011 brought volunteers in order to raise money for this year’s senior class.  The festival also featured a BBQ, live music, cake walks, and more. 

     This year’s festival was also home to the Irvington DECA club, an organization that competes in business related tournaments against other schools across the nation.  Irvington DECA not only went to represent our school, but to also prove that students can show interested in business at a high school level. 

       The dunk tank was by far the biggest hit of all the events in the festival.  Volunteers ranged anywhere from school teachers like Senior Ballado to students like Kieran Hassett.  Students willingly dished out large amounts of cash to dunk the teachers that taught them through the years. 

       The IBA Monument Festival of 2010 seemed to be a huge hit in the Irvington area.  Whether it was helping local businesses in spreading the word or allowing nearby schools to raise money, it successfully accomplished its goal of bringing the community together.