Remodeling to the ID Cards

Expect to receive a revamped stylish card pretty soon

So, we have all heard of those KIDS who have sneaked into bars and clubs without being caught. Many of us have even dreamed of doing such things just for the kick of it (Don’t lie! I’m sure you’ve always wanted to!). And you probably felt that it was unfair that these students were able to stealthily get inside without being caught for underage clubbing or drinking. Well, to alleviate your jealousy and anger, the State of California has issued a new Identification card/Driver’s License for everyone, from young children to adults.

            Prior to the new I.D. cards, the Driver’s License and I.D. cards, both issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), used to look almost identical, and store owners and security guards found it difficult to distinguish whether the minor was really an adult or an underage-wannabe.  The new cards have so many modifications that allow for easily determining between the two and increasing the security guard on them.

            DMV has issued provisional cards that are vertical and display several aspects of the teenager. These cards are a different shape from the ‘adult’ cards. The card displays the photo of the cardholder, and in what year they will turn 21. It also includes the conventional materials such as height, weight, DOB, eye and hair color, sex, first and last names, and address. The most significant thing about this card is that it allows for government officials to avoid issues with the person’s age by checking the card shape of being vertical or horizontal.