The Members of We The People are going to State!

Irvington High School’s We The People team succeeds at Regionals and will be advancing to State

December 3rd was the much-anticipated Regionals for the Irvington High School’s We The People team at San Jose City College. Irvington’s team comfortably took the regional championships, with points that were far above those of the two other schools. The team was up against teams from Monta Vista High School and Yorba Linda High School. Also present at the competition was Foothill High School, who although was at the competition, was not in Irvington’s region and therefore not considered in choosing the Region winner. Foothill was also at Irvington’s district competition and has previously beaten, in points, the Viking We The People team. Therefore, the only slight loss was to Foothill, who beat them by 7 points. This was a major improvement from the district competition, where Foothill had a 42-point advantage.

Now, all the We The People members have their eyes on the State competition, which will take place in February at Sacramento. There, they will face rivals Amador Valley High School and Foothill High School. Irvington High School placed 3rd in State last year, while Amador Valley took 2nd and Arcadia High School took 1st. Because of their large improvement in points, the We The People students are confident that they will do very well and are planning to put in the effort to get themselves there.

We The People strives to teach young adults the importance of the constitution and how it relates to our everyday lives. To Amit Piple, a member of the team, We The People is more than just that. “This class has become more than just something that will look good on my college applications: it has molded me into the person I am today.”