New Olympic Game: Hipster Hunting

The more violent the kill, the more points

With the increase in the population of hipsters, the government is trying to find new ways to keep the streets safe. One idea that they thought of was making hipster hunting an official Olympic sport. Prestigious and useful. If you want to go for the gold you had better start practicing now. Here are some creative ideas that you can bring to the table for the 2012 Olympics:

1. Gouge out the eyes of a hipster with their Ray Bans.

2. Run over a hipster with their own fixie bike.

3. Make them listen to mainstream music for a day.

4. Give them a PC.

5. Tell them that you have heard of the newest band that they are infatuated with.

6. Call them a hipster.

7. Take away their trust fund

8. Lock them outside urban outfitters

9. Give them Beiber fever

10. Make them do math???