Mirror Mirrior on the Wall, I Like This Dress Better

Prom Dress Swapping for the Less Fortunate

We all have prom dresses that are just sitting in the back of our closets, collecting dust. On Saturday, March 26th, seniors Divya Gowthaman and Sonam Mahawar hosted a Skip One Dress Swap event for everyone to donate and swap unwanted dresses. When asked what inspired her, Divya stated that when she visited the SkipOne organization and met with the founder, Shelene Bryan, she was inspired by how much “little things” can help out unfortunate kids. SkipOne has several ways to help out the kids. Seemly insignificant objects such as pencils and others can help make a different to those less fortunate. In the past, SkipOne had made kitchens to serve children who were often left hungry.

            Both Divya and Sonam wanted to host a dress-swapping event to help the sophomores with their World Issues Project. Since this issue falls under the poverty category, both seniors hoped the sophomores would come and participate. However, only a couple people attended the events. Sonam believed it was the bad weather that caused the lack of attendance. Nevertheless, they are still accepting dress donations. Dig deeper in your closet because with one dress, you can make a difference.