“Not Again” Halloween Costumes

Overrated Halloween costumes we’re tired of seeing

1. Pink Ladies:

We get it. Those shiny pink jackets, bright lipstick, and vintage neckties are a super cute way to tell the school that you’re the popular ones, but the pink ladies are completely overrated. In fact, they were probably overrated in their own time.

2. Flappers:

What better way to show your rebellious spirit than to dress up as the biggest rebels of the twentieth century? But all that fringe and feathering has lost its novelty, so we’d appreciate if you put some clothes on already.

3. Babies:

Sure, being a baby is easy; a stuffed animal, pajamas, and pigtails will suffice for this look, but if you’re going to put in the effort to dress up, might as well make it a legitimate costume.

4. Masked Menace:

You’re wearing a mask and that’s about it. It’s obvious you didn’t put in much effort to the costume, and when people ask you what you are, you just stare at them from behind your mask, hoping they’ll walk away. Avoid these awkward encounters, and keep the mask at home.

5. You

Oh, good job. You’re you. Bravo. Marvelous effort. Not dressing up is way overrated, so dress up this Halloween, because not having a costume is worse than having an incredibly lame one.