The Legend of Korra

The New Avatar

            The popular kids TV show, Avatar: the Last Airbender, aired with three seasons from 2005 to 2008 on Nickelodeon.  An avatar is a person who has the ability to master bending all four elements (fire, water, air, and earth) and is expected to keep peace in the world.  Bending is using your mind to control and move these four elements without touching them.  This TV series was about a young boy Avatar Aang, who was destined to defeat the oppressive Firelord Ozai.  Now after four years (seventy years in the show), a new Avatar has risen after the death of Aang: Korra.

The first episode of The Legend of Korra aired on April 14, 2012.  This series is expected to have 26 episodes broken into two seasons.  In the first two recently released episodes of this series, we experience a few of the main conflicts.  Korra easily has mastered three elements: water, earth, and fire.  However, her impatient attitude and impulsive personality doesn’t allow her to master the bending of air that requires a lot of patience.  Another conflict that has quickly been established is a dissenting group of anti-bender revolutionaries called the Equalists.  Korra has only seen a small street protest foreshadowing that this main conflict will soon develop into a larger scale of revolts and possibly violence.  There has also been a little hint of a boy named Makko being the love interest for Korra in this new series.  The first two episodes holds huge promise for this TV show and will hopefully not disappoint Avatar fans.