IHS FED attends NEDA Walk

By Kanika Priyadarshi

IHS Fighting Eating Disorders Club, a new club at Irvington dedicated to raising awareness for eating disorders, took part in the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Walk on September 22nd. The purpose of the walk was to raise awareness for eating disorders as well as to raise money for NEDA.

“IHS took part in it because we feel that these illnesses do not deserve to be invisible in the eyes of the people and that information needs to be put out there,” said FED’s president, junior Umika Kumar.

For many people, this event was not only an eye opener but also quite emotional. “People cried when Tracey Gold, a woman who acted on a really big TV show came up and shared her story and how being in the spotlight contributed,” said Umika Kumar, “Also, when Matt Keck, the founder of Cielo House, a treatment facility right here in San Jose, spoke.”

According to most of the club members, this was a very emotional and inspirational day. “Although, we weren’t able to get many people from the club to go because it was only a few days after our first meeting, next year, we hope to get a lot more people to attend,”said FED’s vice president, junior Emily Tran.