Students Get Ready to Dodge, Dip, Duck with Dodgeball

Irvington’s Annual Dodgeball Tournament to be held on this Friday

By Nisha Patel

With the Dodgeball tournament just around the corner,  Irvington high school’s annual fundraiser event has been the reason for excitement everywhere. On Saturday, November 9th from 5 to 10 pm, 28 teams from all four grade levels will be dueling out their dodgeball abilities in Irvington’s very own gymnasium. The primary purpose of having this annual event is to fundraise for both Junior Prom and Senior Ball, but has turned into more of  fierce competition between the classes.

“Although all of the classes are battling it out by hurling bright, foamy balls at one another,” says Junior Class president, Lauren Cooper, “it still manages to bring the classes together through a night of fun physical activity and friendly competition!”

Knowing how there are many liability issues involved with hosting such an event, ASB has been sure to enforce the deadline on waivers which include a parent signature. All teams have been informed that they will be disqualified immediately if they argue with the refs or disobey any of the tournament rules set prior to the tournament. Although there aren’t any clearly defined rival teams, students make it a point to find a team within their class that they want to challenge.

“It’s all part of the fun, the rivalries between teams is typically appropriate and adds to the overall competitiveness of the tournament,” said Cooper when asked about her predictions for the upcoming games. “I have always hoped that a team that is not a senior team will win the overall tournament; it would be the ultimate underdog story.”

All preliminary rounds will be held on October 29th to November 2nd in the small gym during lunch. Everyone is encouraged to come and watch to support their classmates during both the preliminary rounds and on tournament day. Without last year’s winning Heam Team, this year’s trophy could go to anybody.