America dodges the “Fiscal Cliff”


America dodges the “Fiscal Cliff”

The United States just avoided a nasty lockout

By Hugo Vera

After the U.S. national debt skyrocketed to over $16 trillion, congress and the senate faced a New Year’s Eve 2013 deadline to agree on a deal to save all employee benefits and savings as we know it. It was this kind of dilemma that finally spiced things up in an otherwise boring congress house.

In order to agree on a deal, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden asked their rival conservatives to cooperate in passing a safe measure. Republicans, not too happy about Mitt Romney’s election loss, responded “Oh now you want our help, don’t you?” This little rivalry is comparable to Lakers fans and Celtics fans, except this actually has logic.

On December 31, 2012 (close to midnight), our trusted American representatives came up with an ingenious solution which basically sound like this: “O.K. guys, let’s write some more I.O.U.’s and tackle this thing next year!” And just like that, crucial employee benefits like free donuts and 15% off your kid’s braces were saved. American politics has prevailed yet again with the fine art of procrastination.