Movie Review- Lincoln


Movie Review- Lincoln

Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg deliver a master performance

By Hugo Vera

Lincoln was directed by Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg and was released in theaters nationwide on November 9, 2012. Those who have seen other blockbusters by Spielberg such as Jaws, Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan will not be disappointed.

The film takes place in the final days of the Civil War where an ambitious president Abraham Lincoln makes a bold scheme to do the impossible: ratify Amendment XIII and finally abolish slavery. President Lincoln faces many challenges in his task as he struggles to unite his fellow Republicans and rival-Democrats to unite in the liberating of millions of American slaves. All the while Lincoln must lead America through the Civil War and resolve issues with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, who has been psychologically devastated by the loss of two of her sons.

What I found most intriguing about this film was the impressive acting of Daniel Day-Lewis, who deserves an Oscar without a doubt. Day-Lewis conveys the charisma, awkwardness, and wisdom of the late president with savvy jokes and passionate speeches. Daniel Day-Lewis gives a powerful performance as he epitomizes the very ideals and morals that the real Abraham Lincoln fought for. Day-Lewis’ acting was also accompanied by terrific supporting actors such as Tommy-Lee Jones, Sally Field, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. All of these actors give a realistic feel to Lincoln. This film truly reflects the unforgettable presidency of the nation’s 16th president until his tragic assassination, only five days after the United States victoriously rose from the ashes of the Civil War.

With its fantastic actors, visionary directing, and moving plot, Lincoln is nothing short of a theatrical masterpiece that reveals history in an exciting and entertaining light.