Augmented Reality

Interact with the objects around you while driving safely

By Mariam Syeda-Quadri

A car with augmented reality would allow drivers and passengers to interact with their surroundings through their windshield and window panes.  Before they can release this car to the public, Toyota still needs to perfect their prototype.  Toyota projected that sometime later this year cars integrated with augmented reality will sell on the market.  Augmented reality shows a real world view of the driver’s surroundings, and the top of the windshield contains layers of extra information.  Text messages, web pages, directions and much more can pop onto the screen and allow the driver to access this information without having to hold a cell phone.  Drivers can zoom into objects and access detailed descriptions of the objects.  Children can draw pictures on windows, and the pictures will stay in place.  In the future researchers are even hoping to make the back seat appear transparent so while reversing drivers can view their entire surroundings.  Augmented reality will really change the way we view the world.