Snowflake Flake

Sleek ambiance does not make up for overpriced food

By Aditya Kumar

When I walked into Snowflake for the first time, I was greeted by a dimly lit, bar-like atmosphere. Snowflake did not resemble other milk tea restaurants and in terms of its sleek non-casual atmosphere. The cordial waitresses smiled and happily greeted other customers to their tables – the restaurant gave a futuristic and unique vibe.

Upon a recommendation from a friend, I tried the coffee milk tea, delivered in a large, elegant glass. Excited to drink the tea, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of exceptionality in the drink. Although there were no significant flaws with the drink, it tasted like most other milk teas. In addition, the drink was significantly overpriced when compared to other milk teas and I was not entirely satisfied with the tea.

Afterwards, I ordered the macaroon party – a quaint medium-sized assortment of macaroons. Although I felt like the dish was again a bit overpriced, I thoroughly enjoyed the macaroon party and recommend it to anyone who enjoys cookies or sweets in general.

I had a mixed experience at Snowflake; I would have loved to say that I had an unambiguously great time, but I was a bit annoyed by the overpricing of the food. However, if you want to have milk tea at a place with more ambiance, Snowflake delivers.