Top 10 Ways the Office Rejects Your Petition for a Schedule Change

Why we are never satisfied

By Kevin Hsu

We have all witnessed the outrageously long lines that only give you a “chance” to pick up those notorious petition forms. Unfortunately, getting your hands on the form will only get you though step one. To change your schedule successfully, you will still have to obtain teacher signatures and confront the office administrators. Because we feel your pain, we have compiled list of responses students are used to receiving from the office while getting their hopes for a schedule change shattered.

1. System Overload

2. “There are over 50 students asking for the exact same thing.”

3. “I haven’t had my coffee yet.”

4. “It’s for the common good.”

5. “It’s in your best interest that you stay in your current class.”

6. “Not enough room in the class you’re trying to switch in to.”

7. “Your petition has not been processed yet.” (ERROR: file not found)

8. “Weren’t you here just a while ago?”

9.  “Please go see the admin next door.” (admin’s door is closed and locked)

10. “Our district servers are down at the moment.”