Bodyguard Sharma


Mrs. Sharma’s new job at the FBI

By Kanika Priyadarshi | News Editor

After Irvington won the second GetSchooled challenge, Biology teacher Mrs. Sharma revealed her new FBI job to her classes.

“We were working on a high profile case on Irvington’s campus,” explained Mrs. Sharma. “Some students and I went undercover for the FBI to help catch criminals who posed as students and teachers, but who were actually jay walkers.”

Mrs. Sharma claimed that her 3rd degree black belt in Kung Fu caught the FBI’s attention. Once the FBI apprehended the criminals and concluded the investigation, she decided to get a full-time job at the FBI and start another secret club at Irvington, recruiting capable students to help her in the celebrity body-guarding sector instead of the criminal justice department.

“After my bodyguard role in Faculty Follies last year, I was inspired to quit my teaching job and enter the celebrity body-guarding sector in the FBI,” stated Mrs. Sharma. “My favorite celebrity, Michael Jackson, is coming to Irvington from the GetSchooled challenge, so I want to help protect him.”

Since Mrs. Sharma admits she compromised information about her FBI affiliation and almost blew the covers of many students in her secret club, all of the club members changed identities, locations, and job descriptions, with the aid of witness protection officials.

“I know that I’m not being secretive about the club, but barely anyone reads the newspaper, so why not advertise a little for the keen eyes that will be reading this?” added Mrs. Sharma.

Because of her experience with espionage, Irvington plans to award her the “Most Hardcore Employee of the Month.”