The Banana Dilemma: Solved

How to peel a banana effectively

The proper way to peel a banana. Photo: Shayna Kapadia

By Shayna Kapadia | Staff Writer

As you walk out the door on your way to school, you’re hungry, so you grab a banana on the way to the car. As you try to peel the banana, the car jerks everything around and when you finally manage to peel it from the top, you find that you’ve squashed it into an unappetizing mush. Disappointed, you throw it out the window and wipe your sticky hands on your pants.

Countless people across the globe face the dilemma of banana-opening. From the Americas to Asia, children and adults alike all face this struggle many times in their lives. What they have failed to discover, though, is the “snap method,” which would surely solve all the banana issues prevalent in our society.

Usually, people resort to opening their bananas by ripping off the stem; however, this tends to result in a squashed and unappealing banana. Others, who think they’re clever, turn the banana over, rip off the tip, and proceed to peel the banana from there. However, this results in the peel getting lodged underneath your fingernails. Both of these methods have the common drawbacks of getting a strange, chalky substance on your fingers. Like that squishy banana, traditional methods have some serious flaws and need to be thrown out.

Since the opening of a banana from either end will result in a ruined snack and filthy hands, the obvious solution is to open it from the middle, but how? The optimal way to effectively open your banana without smushing it beyond edibility is to firmly place both hands on either end of the banana and snap it in half. With this method, not only would the number of thrown out bananas decrease, but lives will be improved, numerous bananas would be consumed, and the overall happiness of the world would increase.