Snap Raise fundraising helps sports teams

By Srija Srinivasan | Staff Writer

As of this year, Irvington sports teams have started using Snap Raise, a form of online fundraising that allows team members to send a link to their team’s fundraiser to friends and family. Each player has a personal fundraising goal they try to reach which contributes to the team goal. With the help of a Snap Raise employee, each player makes an account and shares a link to their fundraiser via email, Facebook, Twitter, and texting.

So far, boy’s basketball has raised $5,400 on Snap Raise while girl’s soccer has raised $4,200. Spring sports, track and field, baseball, and softball also intend on using Snap Raise. Funds are primarily used to purchase new equipment.

Irvington’s athletic director Ms. Stone said, “I think many more teams will use some type of donation site like Snap. It is much cheaper and faster than writing and sending out donation letters. The window is usually open for about 2-3 weeks. The nice thing about these donations is that most people don’t want to buy cookie dough or candy anymore.”

Girl’s JV soccer team member junior Sonali Amin commented on her team’s fundraising event, “I think that it is interesting that they are trying new ways to fundraiser for soccer equipment. The fundraising from the soccer players point of view is really easy.”

By allowing students to not be limited by their locations, Snap Raise lets users send links to distant relatives and friends which helps maximize each team’s profit.