That’s how you get the girl for Prom

By Jonathan Chen | Staff Writer

Prom ask season is upon us, and people are always competing to have the most unique ask, ranging from parachuting out of blimps to surprising their potential dates in their homes. Although these may be unique, they can sometimes come off as desperate or even creepy, especially breaking into somebody’s house.

The most heartfelt prom asks utilize these classic components: handmade posters, flowers, and the occasional balloons. While most people are spending so much money on their prom asks, like renting blimps or clowns, they just seem superficial for attempting to have the most unique ask. Handmade posters are so much better because they show the sincerity of their heart to ask their dates to prom. Also, many asks utilizing posters also need many people to hold up the posters, causing the ask to become more public. This causes the ask to become more foolproof because they can’t say no or else they would seem rude to the rest of the people who were at the ask.

But, no matter how you ask your date to prom, the most important thing in the end, is whether your date says yes or no. If your date says yes, it doesn’t really matter how you ask them. But, if your date says no and you spent so much money and time on the ask, it would hurt so much more than if you only spent the time to make the posters for the prom ask.