Construction continues at Irvington High School

By Tanisha Singh | Staff Writer

In early August, Irvington started construction of a two story science and general studies building in order to tackle the problem of space accommodation caused by the increase in freshman enrollment. There has been notable progress and the building is projected to finish before the next school year.

“The district is hoping that construction will be done by December 31, but the construction manager wants to make sure everything is done well.” said Principal Smoot. Legal processes that must be completed before construction have caused delays to the completion of the building.“The division of State Architecture has very strict guidelines on the construction and all the engineering has to be approved by the State Architectures,” said Principal Smoot, “In addition, there was also some hold up in the interior design causing more delay.”

Regardless of the delay in time, the addition of this building is important for Irvington because it is aimed to help add more facilities for current science teachers.

“We need the space, because many science teachers are teaching in regular classrooms rather than rooms built specifically for the subject. This will be a great improvement for those science teachers that need rooms with the facilities,” said AP Chemistry teacher Mr. Lee, “The new addition is to help alleviate the problem that there will be growth in student enrollment in the future.”

Students are also looking forward to the creation of the new building.

“I am incredibly excited,” said junior Rishabh Meswani. “This progress is helping to propel Irvington toward being a STEM-oriented school.”

Principal Smoot has been keeping track of progress with a night and day time lapse of the construction. The video begins from the first time the asphalt was brought on campus to the current progression of the construction. Smoot plans to put the time lapse video on the Irvington school website.

Construction workers continue to develop building’s ground structure (Photo: Tanisha Singh)
Construction workers continue to develop building’s ground structure (Photo: Tanisha Singh)