The building blocks of a perfect school

By Tanisha Singh | Staff Writer

Over the past few months, Irvington High School has been undergoing construction for a new building behind the P-Wing. So far, the construction has led to smiles across Viking grounds.

The Fremont Unified School District distributes an award of $25,000 and an engraved plaque annually to “The Most Beautiful School”. After over 14 years, Irvington will be receiving this award in recognition of our new building and its breathtaking blueprints. “We are truly thrilled to receive such an honor,” said Smarah Soot, “but we still need to decide what Irvington will do with the prize money.”

The $25,000 may be put into renovation in the new building; however, the option is still debateable because construction workers digging at the site stumbled upon the fossils remains of a Ceratosaurus, a dinosaur that has been excavated before in the Mission Peak region. Since, the construction will be momentarily halted for more investigation on the fossil, faculty and staff are considering utilizing the money for other more immediate purposes as the profits our school will receive from museums who purchase these fossils will likely surpass the amount of $25,000 .

Just when we thought the news could not get any better, the physical education department announced the removal of the BUUM from the freshman and sophomore curriculum. “There are just too many pot holes,” said Teve Trout, “we cannot risk having our students running even 88 feet from that area.”

Hopefully, a portion of the $25,000 will go towards repairing these new pot holes quickly as several students are complaining. Students in zero period were the most upset, protesting every morning before school. The students held up signs that said things like “No BUUM to run = no more fun” and “More room for the BUUM.”

In the meantime, it is likely that PE students will run the BUUM at Horner after school on block days.