Welcoming the newest additions to the Viking Family

Tanisha Singh, News Editor

Mr. Jaramillo

If you still haven’t talked to your attendance clerk or even been to the main office, then you are probably unaware of the fact that Irvington has a new assistant principal. That’s right! If you hear 80’s music or smell Italian food, then you can guess that it is coming from Mr. Michael Jaramillo’s office.

Before coming to Irvington this year, Mr. Jaramillo has been a special education  teacher for thirteen years and the ESY (extended school year) summer school principal for students with special needs in Fremont for two years. After graduating from UCLA, he started his educational career in the Los Angeles Unified School District followed by teaching at public schools in Portland, Oregon for four years. Recently, he taught special ed students at Washington High School for three years.

His favorite subject in school has always been World History. T

hroughout high school, college, and post college, Mr. Jaramillo traveled to Europe and South America. In fact, traveling to landmarks and visiting museums always kept him close to the subject.

In addition to traveling, Mr. Jaramillo is a sports enthusiast.  He not only enjoys watching sports, but also enjoys exercising and playing baseball recreationally.  He was a college baseball athlete at UCLA, and played some minor league baseball throughout his career.  

Advice from our assistant principal: “Enjoy your high school career! I know academics are important and everyone wants to get into the best university possible, but really take in these four years and enjoy them! These may be some of the best four years of your life, so go participate in all the activities, meet new people, and be open-minded.”

Ms. Abogado:

Role on Campus: “In general, I’m here as a resource for the students. Our counselors at Irvington play a big role in helping the students take the right classes and meet the requirements needed to graduate high school. I’m here to help out after the fact. This includes when students need to figure out exactly which colleges they want to attend, scholarships needed for those colleges, what major they would want to take, finding internships, and any financial aid help they may need among other things.”    

Ms. Abogado is a college and career specialist, but previously, she worked as a secretary at the FUSD office for two years. She grew up in Fremont and particularly liked math. However, once she attended Ohlone Community College she found that her favorite subject was definitely psychology. She then transferred to UC Irvine to receive her Bachelors in Psychology and Social Behavior. These courses helped her decide her career pathway as a college and career specialist.

Aside from working with the students at Irvington, Ms. Abogado really likes pasta and just about anything carby! From spaghetti and lasagna to garlic bread, she loves to dig into Italian food. In addition, she recommends that students try out Rock n Salsa, which has Taco Thursdays.

She loves watching movies and tv shows in her spare time. In fact, she’s currently on season three of Game of Thrones and owns all the Harry Potter movies. Despite this, if ABC Family has a showing, then she’ll be the first on the channel to watch it again.

Advice from our College Career Counselor: “Be proactive. You are on the verge of adulthood and it’s time to adjust to that mindset. It’s your future and remember that it’s going to be a good time.”