ASG makes changes to Election Process

Achintya Pinninti, Staff Writer

This year, ASG has altered several aspects to the election process such as online voting, increasing the campaigning period, involving the staff, and adding mandatory class assemblies for the second round elections in order to make the voting more “merit” based instead of being a popularity contest.

This year, ASG will allot two weeks for the first (president, vice president, and rally commissioner) and second (class officers) round elections.

“In the first week, candidates will focus on spreading information rather than campaigning,” elections commissioner Maya Lu (12) said. “The second week is when the candidates will have debates and Q&As.”

The main purpose of the first week is publicity through facebook pages, websites and posters around school while  debates, Q&As and other campaigning will take place the second week.

Another major change that will take place is the method of voting. Last year, ASG handed out scantrons for the first round of elections; however, some students were able to fill out more than one scantron.  

“Some classes received extra ballots and people filled the extra ones too.” former election commissioner Maysnow Liu (12) said. “We could see a pattern of the same votes.”

For the second round, however, the voting was online. The online voting is being continued. Approximately 300 juniors, 300 sophomores and 350 freshmen voted for their class officers last year.

“The main difference with a paper ballot, is that we get [votes from] people who don’t care or don’t know the candidates, [whereas] with the electronic votes we don’t get votes from people who don’t care about the election.” ASG advisor Mr. Willer said. “Online, we can put more information about each candidate on the ballot to help students make an informed choice.”

Online voting has helped decrease multiple votes by the same person, while also making the election more merit based. ASG will also remove the color schemes to further remove the factor of popularity in the elections.

“Last year, the candidates had a color scheme, but that factors a lot into popularity.”  said Lu. “We’re trying to take the colors away. But that takes away a lot of the visual, so were putting Irvington decorations that tell people about the voting.”

In addition, fliers with the link or code to the google form for voting will be placed around the campus. ASG will also place Laptops in the courtyard and cafeteria for voting purposes.

Last year, the staff was not involved in the election process. This year however, they will be included.

“The president and vice president need to work with the staff.” Lu said. “We are hoping that Ms. Melsby, can come and facilitate one of the Q&As.”

The first round voting is expected to take place on the 23rd of February, and the second round voting will take place sometime between March 16th.