VAMS hosts Earth Day event

Pia Parekh, Staff Writer

On Wednesday April 18th, Irvington Visual Arts and Music Club held an Earth Day event at Irvington Library. The event consisted of a variety of activities such as embellishing pots and planting seeds to encourage kids to be mindful of the Earth.

“We had kids from Kindergarten to sixth grade paint biodegradable pots with watercolor, sharpies, and other craft supplies,” Pooja Bale (12), VAMS events coordinator, said.

Once children designed their plant-holders, they picked seeds from plants, such as cosmos, morning glories, sweet peas, and sunflowers. One of the participants even wanted to plant all the seeds to see a mutation grow. There were ten students and five volunteers that planted the seeds for the children and prevented the soil from spreading all over the carpet.

“Although it was a relatively small event, it was really valuable because the kids that showed up were able to learn about being more green by planting seeds,” Bale said. “If we don’t have events like this at all due to a low turnout, it denies those few kids the opportunity to learn.”

Since VAMS previously hosted an event with the Irvington Library for Halloween, they opted  for a spring event,and Earth Day was the perfect theme.

“The Irvington Library was planning a craft zone based on Earth Day, but they didn’t have any volunteers,” Bale said. “VAMS normally does service events, so we were able to rally together several volunteers. It worked out perfectly.”