Coronavirus’s Retail Reality: Jaylan Mo

Jaylan has been working at California Badminton Academy for a few months.

Jaylan Mo

Jaylan has been working at California Badminton Academy for a few months.

“I work at a badminton club for people to play called CBA (California Badminton Academy). I started working there before summer, and then during summer, we didn’t really work since the pandemic and the stay-at-home stuff started happening. Just last week, I started working again but nothing’s really changed since Covid-19 hit. The customers that started coming in have set times, so I think it’s a little easier to manage. It’s not that hard to handle customers. Managing customers is just basically standing six feet apart but you wear this face shield, and then you just scan people’s heads so you can test their temperatures, and then if they’re good, they’re let in.

 I haven’t encountered any difficult customers who wouldn’t wear masks. But, if I did have to meet with one of those people, I would most likely just call my manager. But if that’s not possible either, I’d just tell them to leave and refuse service. I’m not really concerned for my health while working because the face shields protect most of my face and I also have a mask on underneath that and no one at my workplace has been exposed to Covid-19 yet.

 During working hours, there’s a homework overload, because there’s homework from school and then you can’t really do it at school. I guess it’s still pretty normal, but homework and work intermingle. I work from 4:00 to 7:00, so I just try to finish as much homework as possible before 4:00, and after 7:00 I just finish the rest.

When working, I love gaining more experience and getting money. I play badminton too, so whenever I see other people play badminton, I get to learn more. It’s a really good learning experience. When you’re playing yourself versus watching someone playing, you learn more and you can practice it later. My job is a lot of labor, and sometimes it’s boring, but sometimes it’s pretty interesting.”