Letter From an Anti-vaxxer


Dear Reader,

I have seen far too many people praising the new vaccine developments and my heart nearly stopped when I turned on the only acceptable news source, Fox News, yesterday only to find old people in Europe being vaccinated. I cannot believe the world has become such a disgusting place where we give people traces of a deadly virus to supposedly prevent them from it. How does that even make sense?? How do yall think your ancestors survived huh? They definitely did not lead healthy and long lives by getting water infused with a deadly disease. I mean sure, Grandpa did die from polio at the ripe age of 35 but it’s far better than him being introduced to a vaccine that would weaken him and compromise his masculinity.

I don’t want my adorable kids Kayleigh (3) or Qris (9) to have weak bodies that can’t fight diseases on their own. In fact, I have never vaccinated my kids and my family and I am unable to send my kids to school because it is a “safety issue” but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I can teach my children from home and quite frankly, I don’t need the public education system feeding my kids propaganda. But it breaks my heart when my children can’t have any friends because parents are worried about my sanitary and well-behaving Kayleigh and Qris giving their nasty, nose-picking, dirt-eating Bobby a “virus”. Mayree and Reyen if you’re reading this, your filthy son Bobby is going to spread far more diseases than any government trying to combat overpopulation.

Speaking of, I was scrolling through facebook when I saw a post my good friend Kayroll posted talking about how the coronavirus is a hoax and world leaders came together to fight overpopulation by creating and spreading the virus. And now that I think about it, Kayroll could not be more right! Before the start of the pandemic, I was hearing so many news stories about too many people living on Earth causing problems such as climate change (not really something I believe in but it supports my argument here so bear with me) and people lacking food and water which are resources necessary for survival. Ain’t it convenient that a deadly virus begins to take lives just as overpopulation was becoming a problem??

The stupid world leaders (except our dear president obviously) had so little creativity that they named the virus they created after a beer. Ironically, vaccines contain trace amounts of alcohol, another reason to stop giving them to children. Am I supposed to teach Qris that she has to get plastered on a tuesday afternoon to save herself from dying? The vaccine is most definitely going to be deadlier than the virus itself and y’all are as ignorant as the radical liberals who believe children shouldn’t receive corporal punishment if you can’t see that. World leaders have created the virus itself so you must be blind if you don’t think that the vaccine will have the same or worse impact than the virus. The virus has essentially ruined my life as I can’t even buy grocereies without wearing a stupid, suffocating mask which I refuse to believe protects any of us. Imagine believing that the same government that forces you to wear masks and slowly asphyxiate is going to end a pandemic by injecting a small vial of liquid into your bloodstream. Not to mention that if the vaccine doesn’t kill you, it will weaken your body and shorten your life or worse give you autism (or so i read on facebook, a highly credible source and social networking platform). I guess if you live a miserable and lonely life you might as well take it but for the rest of you, DON’T GET VACCINATED.

Signing off,

Kateye Smyth