Resolutions for 2021: Kenny Luu

Resolutions for 2021: Kenny Luu

“2020 was pretty terrible for me – all I did was stay at home and pretty much do nothing. So I’m expecting 2021 to be pretty much the same. I don’t expect anything to open up this year – so overall, I’m just trying not to get my hopes too up. Our last season for baseball was canceled too so if anything, I’m looking forward to baseball if it does happen this year. 

Last year, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions – I never thought to make any. But this year is different and everything is online. So I thought to myself, what’s different with me being online more compared to offline? And I realized that I became lazier after the transition online. So I made a resolution to not waste time and pick up my responsibilities.

I think I’ll be able to stick to my resolution to an extent. I don’t know about forever because my resolution is to not waste time but there probably will be a point where I’m going to waste time. The first few weeks have been nice. It’s been easier for me to stick to my resolution because finals are coming up. So when the second semester starts, we’ll see what happens from there. To keep me on track  I have a planner of what I want to do. Sometimes I have alarms [to remind me], that my break time is over. 

Right now, online school is kind of grounding all my aspirations. If we go back in person, I do want to start driving to school. I picked up driving during quarantine. I wasn’t allowed to get my permit until July or August. This was a bit better for me because there were less cars out so I could drive easier. 

In 2021, I do want to pick up playing the Baritone Saxophone. Currently, I play the Alto and Tenor Saxophones, so this would be really interesting to try. Last year, even though I was pretty lazy in quarantine, one thing I did was take computer-related Ohlone classes. So I may also take another computer class this year.

But overall, everything keeps changing. What I want to do is always shifting, especially as I stay at home. So if I could sum up my outlook for 2021, it would be Depends on the Day.”