A Typical Bay Area Date

The only place a person thinks of in the Bay Area when they think of a date is Pacific Commons.


The only place a person thinks of in the Bay Area when they think of a date is Pacific Commons.

Who says there aren’t romantic spots in Fremont or the Bay Area? The Bay Area is the perfect place to be in love. There are so many places you could go to on dates- In fact,the most romantic date spots are right here in Fremont.

Let’s start off with everyone’s classic: Pacific Commons. The air is cold, about 15 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind is blowing. What better day to have your hair loose? A typical date would be to order animal fries and a strawberry milkshake at the In n Out drive through and eat it with your significant other in the Target parking lot. The most romantic part is when you actually go into Target and aimlessly roam around while looking at furniture that is way too expensive to be real! Riding on the shopping carts and knocking down a tower of toilet papers is the cherry on top to end a perfect night. 

Another place couples really enjoy going to on dates is their nearby milk tea store. What’s more romantic than standing in line for ten minutes with the person you love and drinking boba with them? Going to a fancy restaurant downtown and eating chicken alfredo is overrated, especially when you can just buy a drink for $5.99 and drink it in the comfort of your car while a Khalid song plays. 

Options for perfect date night venues are plenty in the Bay Area and especially in Fremont. Who would choose a day at a skating rink or the pavilion in San Francisco when you can just have a $20 budget date in the lovely city of Fremont? It’s called “The paris of California” for a reason! It’s so romantic to sit on top of the hill near the huge houses by Paseo Padre, always watching your back in case a snake decides to sneak past, and watch the sunset while the harsh winds blow your hair into your face. 

To sum it up, Fremont is the best place to go on a date. Why travel 45 minutes to sit by the sea at Fisherman’s Wharf at San Francisco and eat fettuccine pasta when you can just eat local and not try at all!