Homecoming Court Candidate: Zayaan Khan

“I feel like it’s pretty cool that I had the opportunity to be on homecoming court, since it is a selection for the best representatives at Irvington. I would say I am a good representation of Irvington because I put in a lot of effort and hours into trying to make the school better and increase campus engagement.
Being a part of ASB for four years and also SURFBoardE for three years, I’ve planned a lot of events to try to increase campus spirit and make people want to come to school and I think we’ve had some success with that. I remember people saying things like, ‘wow, the school actually looks good for one after we decorated it so I want to continue to do that. Serving on the board of education also allowed me to work on a lot of initiatives to make systemic and tangible changes to increase the quality of education.Whether that’s related to budgeting or mental health resources, I believe I have made an impact.
I am very inspired by mom because she is very active in the community and volunteers at many events and is always trying to make the community a more welcoming place for others.
For senior year, I am most looking forward to finishing my college applications right now but I want to make sure I really take advantage of all of the opportunities on campus such as being involved in sports, homecoming events, and planning more events to make the school more spirited.”