Homecoming Court Candidate: Elaine Zhong

“It’s definitely cool to be on homecoming court because six out of ten of the kids are in marching band, and that’s not really something that’s happened before. But I’m excited to represent them. In some aspects, homecoming court definitely means representing Irvington. And basically, it kind of says something about how our peers see us and hopefully some underclassmen will get some inspiration, how their upperclassmen do certain activities and kind of see that everyone on homecoming court is really involved. 

I’m one of the drum majors for Irvington’s marching band, and I really love the community that we have there. I think it’s the biggest community on Irvington’s campus, around three hundred people in band and guard together, so being able to foster that community and contribute to that culture has been amazing. 

I think to sum up all of my passions, maybe just broadly enjoying life is what I care the most about. So kind of all the extracurricular activities I do, I like to try to make sure that I’m genuinely into them. And I really enjoy them. One niche would definitely be music: marching band and Resonance, which is Irvington’s music service club. In my free time, I like to watch and learn street dance, and I’d say that my favorite class would definitely be physics. 

After Irvington, I’m going to study computer science in California. 

I think I’m surrounded by everybody who I’m proud to call part of my life. Every day I see these friends and we help each other through classes, collaborate on projects together, and their spirit and drive inspires me. 

As for my most distinct high school memory, I think after joining senior class council, it would probably be our class dance, which was pretty recent. Getting together with everybody and having that school spirit was really memorable.”