Attempted Robbery Behind Warm Springs Community Park

Google maps of Havasu St/Choctaw Dr (where suspected was spotted)

Google maps of Havasu St/Choctaw Dr (where suspected was spotted)

On the afternoon of September 3rd, shots were fired near the Warm Springs community park, at the intersection of Havasu Street and Choctaw Drive. The shots were directed at passersby who witnessed the armed suspects’ attempted theft of an automobile vehicle.

The Fremont Police Department addressed the incident in a brief Twitter post, assessing the reported gunshots as having no immediate threat to residents of the Warm Springs district.

Despite the official Twitter account classifying the incident as having no impact on public safety, the attempted shooting instigated a lockdown in two schools of close proximity to the reported shooting site, Warm Springs Elementary School and James Leitch Elementary School. The contradiction of lockdowns being enforced, with the statement that there is no concern for public safety raises questions as to how significant the event really was. 

Little information regarding the shooting or lockdown has been released to the public as of September 19th, 2021. Warms Springs Elementary has not yet responded to our requests for an interview on the lockdown. Many rumors and speculations have surfaced from this incident, with one supposed eye-witness reporting not only officers there at the scene but also helicopters.

Other than the Fremont Police Department confirming that there was an attempted shooting behind Warm Springs Community Park on September 3rd, 2021, much of the event is still up to investigation. Authorities have determined this incident to not be a concern to public safety.