Passions: Esther Choi


Emily Shu

Esther Choi (9) enjoys watching Netflix shows Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds.

My name is Ester Choi, and I’m a freshman. During my free time, I usually just watch a lot of TV (too much TV), and I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds right now.
Grey’s Anatomy is basically a medical drama. There’s an insane amount of drama. Like, people are dying, main characters are dying too, and it’s a pretty interesting show. I’m on my third rewatch of Grey’s Anatomy right now.
Grey’s Anatomy is like a comfort show for me that I like rewatching. You can watch the characters grow and develop throughout the different seasons, and they introduce new characters throughout it too. Since it’s pretty long, like 17 seasons, you finish and forget what happens in the first season so I’ll rewatch it to remember.
Criminal Minds is about FBI characters hunting down killers, and it’s really scary, but it’s not about real cases. I was introduced to these shows by my sister and my mom after they started watching, but I don’t really have a concrete answer for why I watch the show. It’s like nightmare fuel, definitely, but some of the characters are pretty good, like Spencer Reid, who’s a genius with really good memory. Criminal Minds is fake, it’s not a true crime show but I think it’s somewhat appealing the way watching a train wreck could be: You can’t take your eyes off it.
I usually watch TV with my sister since we both watch Grey’s Anatomy and True Crime. I’ll watch when I get home if I don’t have that much homework, plus during and after dinner I might watch random stuff on YouTube or other websites. My sister and I share this as a hobby, but my parents usually watch different things.
Spending so much time watching these shows is nice and it helps me relax and deal with stress, but it does make me procrastinate sometimes because of how long Grey’s Anatomy is. For Criminal Minds, each episode is unique and there’s new characters introduced with different personalities, and it’s interesting to learn about their backgrounds.
I would recommend Grey’s Anatomy to anyone but a lot of people don’t like to look at gore and human flesh, I guess, or blood. Both shows are pretty gorey but if you can stomach it they’re both pretty good. The newer seasons of Grey’s Anatomy aren’t that great, and Season 18 just finished last week, but I’m still rewatching it. Criminal Minds is about FBI detectives and I think that it’s really interesting, but it’s a really dark and twisted show so I would only recommend it to people who can stomach that type of media.