Irvington Needs a New School Chant


Katelyn Shen

We don’t “feel good”

Let’s face it. Irvington needs a new school chant. For those unfamiliar with the chant, it starts with one person saying, “Irvington, how do you feel?” and the crowd responds, “We feel good! Oh! We feel so good! Ugh!” It’s a wonder how something this questionable even became Irvington’s school chant.

The first issue with the chant is that no one knows the chant. The only ones that know are DECA kids forced to say it during conferences, or someone really into school spirit. Considering how terrible the chant is, no one knowing about it might be the only good part about it. 

The two things a chant typically does is represent students and hype everyone up. Yet somehow, Irvington’s chant has managed to fail both.

Taking a closer look at the widely unknown chant, it is highly inaccurate. It claims that “We feel good,” but what is there to feel good about? The school’s old crumbling facilities? The peer pressure to take more APs, to participate in more clubs, to get better grades? The heavy workloads accompanying high-difficulty classes? Exactly. There is nothing about high school to feel good about. 

Plus, “good” is such a mediocre word. Although the chant does not represent the sentiments of the students, which is admittedly difficult to do, it would be expected that it at least evoke fervor in the hearts of students, right? But no. The English dictionary has a vast variety of words that are synonymous to happiness and excitement and “good” is about as boring and basic as you can get. 

Of course, it can be argued that “good” fits well because it sounds better when saying it out loud, which is valid. But looking at the bigger picture, this situation can be easily avoided by changing the entire chant, starting from the question, bringing the issue back to the second issue mentioned. The question itself drives the chant to a dead end, forcing a boring answer of “We feel good”.

At this point, something basic like, “Go Vikings” might be a better alternative than what Irvington currently has. With such a lame and questionable chant, it would not be a surprise if the creator was just trolling when they made it.