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Gift Giving Guide for Special Snowflakes!

Darsh Singhania, Staff Writer

December 11, 2019

It’s the holiday season and we all know what we want to get for our really close friends. The biggest problem is getting gifts for those special people in your life that need something more. This guide will show you how to go the extra mile for them with amazing DIY gifts!   Gamer Have you...

Munchie Madness: Irvington’s Vending Machines

The top three snacks, Buzz Strong’s chocolate chip cookie, hot Cheetos, and kettle cooked potato chips in front of the vending machine they came from.

Serena Yeh, Staff Writer

December 5, 2019

Half functioning, sketchy, and won’t accept one-dollar bills on a bad day: it’s not the world’s most uptight, tired exotic dancer, it’s Irvington’s vending machines. However, some students rely on them to provide some food in order to harness energy for cellular respiration get a kick from the...

Dear Yolotl

December 5, 2019

Dear Yolotl, All my friends are making totally tubular memes and I feel left out. They keep roasting me about how I am not woke. What do I have to do to attain the woke? Dr. Y. Memes   Dear Dr. Y. Memes   You need to start by making more practice memes. The training is necessary for success. I p...

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