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Work To Rule’s Effects On Student Activities

Mr. Rodocker, the advisory of Creative Writing Club, is no longer allowed to host meetings in his room during lunch.

Felicia Mo, Staff Writer

January 16, 2019

With Work to Rule in effect, Irvington’s teachers are not working outside of their paid hours. As a result, teacher advisors, who spend voluntary, unpaid time assisting clubs have the option of suspending student organizations altogether. Thus, clubs that rely on their advisors during lunch or after ...

Fremont Residents Struggle to Pay Rent

A Fremont neighborhood where rent prices exceed $3,000 per month.

Sanjana Gudivada and Megan Dhingra

January 7, 2019

During Midterm Elections on Nov. 6, Proposition 10, a rent control act, was not passed in California due to the 50-60% of the Fremont residents voting against it. If Proposition 10 was passed, then it would have repealed the existing Costa Hawkins Act. Costa Hawkins was passed in 1995 and it protects a ...

Measure E Updates

103 students were asked how they felt about the changes on Irvington’s campus after the Measure E projects.

Felicia Mo, Staff Writer

December 18, 2018

Funded by the Measure E bond, a $650 million obligation passed by FUSD in 2014, completion of Irvington’s major campus construction projects’ cost $15 million, significantly higher than what had originally been expected. As FUSD’s current priority is the expansion of the district’s five middle...

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