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2016-2017 Staff

Caitlin Chen


Caitlin (12) is editor-in-chief and opinions editor of The Irvington Voice. She was opinions editor in her junior year, and she was a staff writer and news apprentice during her sophomore year. This is her third and last year...

Risheek Priyadarshi


Risheek (12) is one of the editors-in-chief and is the features editor of the The Irvington Voice. He was a staff writer and sports apprentice during his sophomore year and the sports editor his junior year. This is his third...

Radhika Munshani

News Editor

Radhika (12) is news editor this year for The Irvington Voice. Last year, she was a staff writer and news apprentice. During journalism, you'll find her writing and editing articles, and probably studying for another class. She...

Tanisha Singh

News Editor

Tanisha Singh (12) is the news editor for the Irvington Voice. She has previously held positions as an opinions apprentice and a staff writer. Besides investigating for the latest news, she is a nationally ranked debater and enjoys...

Sabrina Sun

Entertainment Editor

Sabrina S. (11) is the current entertainment editor and has been in The Voice for two years. She was a staff writer and entertainment apprentice in her previous year. She enjoys dreaming about how she would work for The Onion,...

Sarvesh Mayilvahanan

Sports Editor

Sarvesh (11) is the sports editor for The Irvington Voice. He was a staff writer and sports apprentice during his sophomore year. This is his second year on staff. He follows many professional sports and talks to friends in...

Michelle Huang

Humor Editor

Michelle Huang (12) is probably the least funny humor editor to ever grace the pages of The Voice. She is nationally ranked in both speech and debate; you'll rarely see her at school because she's generally halfway across the...

Manbir Ghuman

Photos Editor

Manbir (12) is the photos editor of the voice. He loves to watch Silicon Valley and The Daredevil. He also takes photos so check out his Flickr and dm him for a photo shoot. Manbir has been a member of The Voice for 2 years. His...

Breanna de Vera

Staff Writer

Breanna (12) is a staff writer. She enjoys writing short fiction and biographical work when not writing for The Voice. She drinks a lot of tea and likes cats, but will not be a cat lady when she grows up. She also has a penchant...

Sydney Welch

Staff Writer

Sydney (12) is a staff writer for The Irvington Voice. She enjoys writing for the Student Life section and taking pictures. This is her first year on the staff.

William Yoo

Staff Writer

William (11) is a staff writer and opinions apprentice for Volume 25 of The Irvington Voice. He loves good discussions, reading, and philosophy. He's also a nationally ranked debater and VP of the debate team. In class, he'll...

Annika Yong

Staff Writer

Annika (10) is a staff writer and web apprentice. This is her first year on the staff. She freaks out before interviewing people and is terrified of rejection. She joined journalism because she didn't know she needed to interview...

Subaita Rahman

Staff Writer

Subaita (11) is a staff writer and humor apprentice for The Irvington Voice. Her hobbies include reading, writing, watching Netflix, pretending to be funny, and being problematic. In journalism, she enjoys flashing her press pass...

Elaine Chan

Staff Writer

Elaine (10) has been a staff writer and student life apprentice on The Irvington Voice for one year.  She especially enjoys the interviewing aspect of journalism.  In her free time, Elaine enjoys dancing and traveling with her...

Zarah Zhao

Staff Writer

Zarah (11) is a staff writer and features apprentice for the Irvington Voice. This is her first year on staff. She loves sleeping, dogs, and fries, and also enjoys taking photos and adventuring in her free time. Her favorite...

Fiona Zhao

Staff Writer

Fiona (10) is a staff writer for The Irvington Voice. A small bean who spends too much time worrying over writing a memorable profile, you can likely find her perusing the Interwebs. If not on Tumblr or Quora, you can find her...

Atira Nair

Staff Writer

Atira (11) is a staff writer and entertainment apprentice. This is her first year. Her favorite part about working at the Voice is the class itself because she enjoys being able to talk and work with the interesting people on ...

Isha Sanghvi

Staff Writer

Isha Sanghvi (10) is the current news apprentice for The Voice. This is her first year on the staff. Her love for uncovering the latest story along with journalism's super bougie water-repellent jackets propelled her to join...

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